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Revamping the site
March 2012 .... it's been years since anyone has been here. Spent this evening dusting off cobwebs, straightening pictures and walking down memory lane ... it was quite a ride when all of us gathered here ... good times, great music, and what we all believed to be life long friends .... There wasn't one forum - sub forum that I went in where I didn't smile, laugh, and some even shed a tear. I can't help but wonder what exactly it was that took everyone away, even myself. As I think about it I remember the good times and the bad, but it seemed that no matter how bad the bad times were, coming in here made you smile, even if only for a minute or two. Call me crazy but I think it is a terrible waste to just forget all those memories and maybe ... maybe it's time to come back, revisit the good times and long lost friends. So I'll give rebuilding this place an honest try and if you have happened across here today book mark it and revisit soon.

Sing it like Yamin-It