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 Diabetes "Idol"

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PostSubject: Diabetes "Idol"   Diabetes "Idol" Icon_minitime1October 21st 2007, 8:13 pm

I found this little blog that I thought you might all enjoy! A little bit about our man Very Happy

Singers are very passionate people and a lot of times the power behind their voices comes from the struggles that they have encountered in life. This was definitely the way I felt as I watched Elliott Yamin put on a passionate and heart-felt show here in Columbia Tuesday night.

One of my closest friends and I were walking the streets of Columbia’s downtown and we casually passed by “The Blue Note”, a well known club. I recognized the owner standing out front and after talking for a little bit, he graciously offered my buddy and me the chance to go inside. So we did. I already knew that Elliott Yamin was diabetic. As we began watching, I noticed Elliott’s pump, clear as day, hanging proudly on the waist of his jeans for the entire crowd to see. I was immediately enthralled and I found myself closely watching and listening as he performed each song. I couldn’t help but to wonder how many people in the club actually knew that he is a “type 1”. Not that being diabetic matters; I just kept wondering, how many of his fans, standing in the front row, barely 5 feet from him, knew that the little gadget hanging on his hip wasn’t a part of the show. It wasn’t some sort of device that was helping him remember his lyrics as he performed his hit tracks. He wasn’t attempting to start a new bold fashion statement either. I also thought of how his fans might react if they learned he is diabetic. I doubt, actually I hope, that it wouldn’t change there opinion of this wonderful musician. But instead, maybe they would have a greater appreciation for him and his music, knowing that he faces and will continue to face the struggles that we, as diabetics, go through.

For me, I am now a fan of Elliott Yamin because I can relate to him. I find myself singing the blues sometimes. Growing up with diabetes can sure fill your heart with some deep passion and sometimes SINGING YOUR BUTT OFF is the greatest way to let it all go! Keep up the good work, Elliott!

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Diabetes "Idol"
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